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Commercial and Residential

Design and Construction


Custom Outdoor Patio Design and Patio Landscaping

Thinking of spending more time outside? Dreaming about sitting in a comfortable chair and enjoying the scenery during a cool evening, or connecting with friends over dinner? An outdoor patio can make that dream a reality.

At Mana Landscape, we create custom outdoor patio designs for homeowners in Southern Oregon. From affordable paver patios to unique patio designs with beautiful materials like colored concrete and stone, we’ll help you act on your vision to create a truly beautiful space.


Once your design is finished, our expert contractors will handle patio installation and patio landscaping to transform your yard into an place you can be comfortable in and enjoy year round.

Residential and Commercial Fences

Are you tired of chasing your dog all over the neighborhood? Do you want the privacy and security a fence offers around your swimming pool? Do you want to feel secure knowing that your children play safely within the confines of your fence? Do you know that a fence around your garden, home, and, or pool can significantly ad to the property value of your home?

At Mana Landscape Maintenance llc, we offer quality residential and commercial fencing options. We work closely with our clients to meet all of their customized residential and commercial fencing needs in the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon.

Custom Retaining Walls to Prevent Erosion

As Southern Oregon natives, we know that mother nature can throw some curveballs at home and business owners when it comes to their landscapes. A surprising number of those natural headaches can be solved with retaining walls.

Usually, these structures are intended to prevent the downward pull of gravity, holding back the natural pull of earth and soil downhill. On sloped properties, retaining walls prevent erosion.


But retaining walls can offer additional solutions for all kinds of yard predicaments: They can create more usable land on your lot, manage water runoff, and provide extra seating. 

We offer a variety of residential and commercial landscape services, including fire pit installations, outdoor fireplaces, custom outdoor kitchens, and custom water features.


In addition to the many services we offer, we’ll take care of the project from start to finish, managing the design, build, and installation so you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple contractors.

Residential and Commercial

Retaining Walls

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