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Commercial and Residential


Landscape Irrigation Design and Installation

Mana Landscape Maintenance, llc is a full-service landscape irrigation company serving the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon area.   Whether it’s for a single-family residential property, a town home, or a commercial property we can install irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems of any size.

When planning and installing your irrigation system we walk your property with you to determine your desired irrigation needs. During this visit we also measure your property and use this information to correctly design a custom system that is unique to your specific needs.

Commercial Irrigation Installations

If you own or manage a commercial property with intricate landscaping or large areas you want to do their best then you already know the importance of an irrigation system.

Whether you’re building a new commercial development or installing some new landscaping on an existing property we can plan, install, correctly setup and professionally maintain an irrigation system to meet your properties specific and unique watering needs.

  • Commercial Irrigation Installations

  • Sports Field Irrigation Installations

  • Agricultural Irrigation Installations

  • Commercial Irrigation Maintenance

  • Winterizing and Spring Irrigation Start-ups

Residential Irrigation Installations

Building a new home?

Redoing your landscaping?

Sick of your dead or dying lawn and gardens because of your irregular and inconsistent watering?

A properly installed irrigation system for your residential property can be the answer to your watering woes.

  • Residential irrigation installations

  • New landscaping irrigation installations

  • Lawn sprinkler system installations

  • Townhome or HOA irrigation installations

  • Winterizing residential irrigation systems

  • Spring irrigation start-ups

  • Irrigation schedule and timer setup

  • Residential irrigation blowouts and maintenance

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Plant and Tree Planting Services

Mana Landscape Maintenance, llc has the capabilities and skilled staff to coordinate and properly install your landscaping trees or shrubs. We’ll work with you to discuss what types of trees and shrubs you’re looking for and go over, in detail, the full scope of what caring for these plants could be.

Do you have current or future goals for your outdoor living spaces?


Maybe you’re envisioning the addition of a new outdoor kitchen. Did you know that these types of goals have a direct impact on any tree and shrub planting you might undertake?


Some homeowners want trees that will perform shade functions for a home. Others are looking to add plants and trees for privacy.

At Mana Lawnscape Maintenance llc, we approach each tree and shrub planting project with the commitment to provide you with healthy specimens in an optimized setting.

Taking care of your plants is a must throughout every season,

even winter!


We’ll winterize your evergreen trees and shrubs to make sure they last throughout the harsh, cold months. We can even install protective burlap to protect from snow/salt or winds as well, and when we’re done it’s neat and clean.

Thinking about stepping up your landscaping game?


Trees and bushes are a great place to start. They are cost-effective and beautiful.

Overtime trees and bushes will mostly take care of themselves. There are many varieties that are low-maintenance because they have adapted to the Oregon climate and soil type. Not to mention that trees and bushes help conserve water and resources.

Flowering trees and bushes are available in a multitude of colors and sizes. Incorporating some pops of color into your landscape will create a welcoming tone.

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